IPL Hair Removal

Intense Light Pulse (IPL) Hair Removal uses light to target and destroy the blood supply to hair follicles. I use Anthelia IPL technology which allows me to customise treatments according to the colour, texture and location of hair growth.

Anthelia IPL Hair Removal is a safe and more comfortable process that works on all hair colours and types, although some types may take more treatments. Designed and manufactured in France, Anthelia delivers outstanding results and will save you a huge amount of money over time. 

In addition to the Anthelia machine, I use the advanced Rafel applicator which allows for completely painless IPL Hair Removal on all areas except for the upper lip. This is really the height of technology for fast, painless IPL Hair Removal with great results.

If you're interested in IPL Hair Removal, please be aware that I insist on a consultation and patch test before you treatment commences. There will also be aftercare instructions which are very important for you to follow. Please feel free to call me and discuss any questions you may have about IPL Hair Removal.

If permanent hair removal sounds like you then you'll love my permanent hair removal offer.

Prepay 3 treatments and get 6 treatments.

Other clinics will charge for 10 treatments for what we're able to do in only 6.

Want to be hair-free for summer? Text or call me on 027 205 1008 to schedule a free patch test.

IPL Hair Removal Pricing

Patch test  ~  FREE
Top Lip  ~  $33
Chin  ~  $42
Sides of Face  ~  $42
Lip, Chin & Jaw  ~  $75
Half Face  ~  $75
Underarm  ~  $55
Half Arms  ~  $119
Full Arms  ~  $175
Bikini  ~  $55
High Bikini ~ $65
Brazilian  ~  $75
Half Legs  ~  $165
Back of Thighs  ~  $70
Full Legs  ~  $240

Mens IPL Hair Removal Pricing

Patch test  ~  FREE
Between Brows  ~  $25
Jaw  ~  $45
Chin & jaw  ~  $69
Chin, Jaw & Front of Neck $99
Front Neck  ~  from $49
Back of Neck  ~  $45
Shoulders  ~  from $59
Back  ~  from $179
Chest  ~  from $179
Half Legs  ~  from $169
Full Legs  ~  from $240
Feet  ~  $49