Spring Specials

Three 30 min RosActive Radio Frequency Facials for $199

The RosActive 30 min RF Facial is a new treatment being offered and is super popular.  For best outcomes it is recommended the 3 treatments be spread out over 3 weeks and supported by at home skin care program morning and night.  

Please call or text me on 027 205 1008 to claim this offer.

IPL Hair Removal Offer, Buy 3 Get 6

Did you know hair removal can be painless?

Have you avoided permanent hair removal because you expect it to be painful. The truth is some hair removal is. Waxing can be painful, you are ripping out the hair follicle after all. Laser can often hurt.

IPL Hair removal is different. At Advance Beauty Care the french made Anthelia IPL is used. This leading hair removal technology works on all colour hair, even blond and grey.

IPL hair removal offers permanent hair removal in as few as six treatments, spaced 6 weeks apart.

Clients are amazed at how quick and painless the treatment is. And of course they love not having to shave or wax!

If permanent hair removal sounds like you then you'll love my permanent hair removal offer.

Prepay 3 treatments and get 6 treatments. 

Other clinics will charge for 10 treatments for what we're able to do in only 6.

Want to be hair-free for summer? Text or call me on 027 205 1008 to schedule a free patch test.

IPL Hair Removal Pricing (single treatment)

Top Lip  ~  $39
Chin  ~  $39
Sides of Face  ~  $45
Chin & Jaw  ~  $69
Lip, Chin & Jaw  ~  $72
Half Face  ~  $72
Full Face  ~  $95
Underarm  ~  $49
Half Arms  ~  $119
Full Arms  ~  $175
Bikini  ~  $60
Brazilian  ~  $69
Half Legs  ~  $165
Back of Thighs  ~  $69
Full Legs  ~  $240

LED Facial Offer

LED is an un-intrusive soothing and rejuvenating treatment and will treat acne, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scarring and rosacea.

Prepay 3 LED facials, save $28, pay only $119

Prepay 6 LED facials, save $75, pay only $219