Photographic Skin Scanner

Photographic Skin Analysis

Seeing is believing!

My Photographic Skin Analyser digitally photographs your face under a range of different light wavelengths. This lets me look beneath the layers of your skin and identify things like sun damage, levels of pigmentation, skin texture and sensitivity, bacteria and vascular conditions - and you can see exactly what I see. This unique system generates comprehensive reports that will actually measure and track key skin indicators like:

  • Pore size and number
  • Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • UV damage
  • Acne causing porphyrine and bacteria
  • Skin redness and vascular conditions

Not only does this allow me to choose the correct in-salon treatment program and homecare products for your skin type and condition, but we can also scientifically document your progress towards healthier and more youthful looking skin!

I really recommend a full Photographic Skin Analysis before starting any specialist skin correction regime. 

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Analysis 
Using one of the most clinically advanced analysing machines available, your skin therapist will take three different photographs of your face to measure and build an accurate picture of its condition. These three images are taken making use of different spectrums of light to highlight even invisible problems and underlying sun damage. This is an automated process. This provides a unique assessment of the surface and sub-surface structures: skin ageing, wrinkles, pores, oil production, UV damage and skin tone.

Step 2: Diagnosis and personalised prescription 
You'll then receive an exceptionally accurate skin diagnosis, highlighting potential issues not visible to the naked eye. Your skin care therapist will provide relevant health and lifestyle tips and give you a personalised treatment prescription.

Step 3: Measurable results. 
Skin Scanner Health Checks don't simply identify issues. Throughout the course of your treatment, you'll receive further photographic analyses to document your progress and see just how much your skin has improved. 

Skin Analysis takes the guesswork out of treatment, giving you confidence your treatments and at home care are working

A Skin Analysis session is $50.  That cost is redeemable upon future purchases, whether they are treatments or product purchases.